Vision, Mission, Values and Principles

infoteam has a clear value proposition respectively message about what makes us special by defining our positioning statement, key benefits and our frame of proofs. Moreover, it is for all our owners, employees, customers and all other stakeholders to understand our organisation’ s purpose and primary objectives as well as the key measures of our success.


Founded in 1983, the idea of infoteam Software AG was to create an environment, where people can work and grow together, as a team.

We team genius people to build a lasting global organisation creating software for a brighter tomorrow.


What we Do

Our customers are the leading manufacturers of automation and drive systems, medical devices and laboratory automation around the globe.

We specialise in automation

Our core competencies are software development and engineering services. Due to our process orientation, we are able to integrate services into the value chain of our customers efficiently.
We offer high quality software services and products, from fault-tolerant firmware up to optimised user interfaces. We deliver customised software with agreed and fair prices, in defined quality and in-time.

We create centers of excellence

Our core strengths are the ability to integrate and motivate the most talented individuals in diverse teams to take personal responsibility for meeting our customers‘ needs.
We continuously expand our technical knowledge and expertise across all our fields of application.
The consolidation of our in-depth market expertise in centers of excellence is the key to enabling successful partnerships with our OEM customers.

Values and Principles

Who we are and how we work

We collaborate with our global customers, providing expertise as a team of talented software engineers and specialists. Based on our collaboration approach, guided by fairness and respect, our team-oriented handling of customer projects is the unique selling proposition against our competitors.
Our objective is to exceed the quality standards of our customers. Our procedures are certified to international standards and guarantee the development of user-friendly and safe software that is reliable throughout its life cycle.
We take a win-win approach to build long-term relationships with customers and with the communities we live in. We listen to the needs of our customers and work together to create a brighter future.
To maintain our independence and improve our competitiveness, we aim to achieve profitable growth. This is the key to increase the value of our company and to cover for potential future risks.
Our corporate culture is based on team spirit, fairness, mutual trust and the ultimate goal of building a lasting, global organisation.

We continuously elaborate our objectives, goals, strategies and measures against the background of an ever-changing world. We are a company owned by its employees. The genius of our employees is the foundation for our success. We put special emphasis on life-long learning. We offer excellent career prospects and incentivise key people to join our company by rewarding long term commitment.
We act as a global team, dedicated to create added value for our customers.

We take responsibility serious

Our history and future success are based on the idea of being a vital and socially aware organisation. Consequently, we believe that working at infoteam Software should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. As a result, the welfare of our employees and the company is inseparable.
We encourage all our stakeholders and employees to be proactive in creating the future of our organisation and life beyond.
This is the foundation for our commitment to create a brighter future.

Hannover Messe: infoteam Software AG wertet Maschinendaten in Cloud live über mehrere Hallen hinweg aus

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Schülerinnen und Schüler schnuppern in den Osterferien in die IT-Welt

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Die infoteam Software AG hat als Arbeitgeber im Raum Erlangen Höchstadt zum nunmehr sechsten Mal in Folge den Vitalo Award als Qualitätszertifikat für herausragende Leistungen im betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement von Alexander...

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Vom 24.-28. April 2017 ist infoteam auf der Hannover Messe vertreten. Sie finden uns am Gemeinschaftsstand von ProduktionNRW, dem Cluster für Maschinenbau/Produktionstechnik in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.

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Vom 13.-15. Juni 2017 ist infoteam im "China International Exhibition Center Peking" zu Gast. Besuchen Sie uns auf der International Industrial Automation Exhibition.

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Besuchen Sie infoteam bei der MT-CONNECT 2017 in Nürnberg. Vom 21.-22. Juni 2017 findet im Rahmen des MedTech Summit in Nürnberg erstmalig die begleitende Messe MT-CONNECT statt. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.

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Sie übernehmen die Betreuung, Pflege und Erweiterung des bestehenden ERP-, HR- und CRM-Systems sowie der zugehörigen Schnittstellen. Sie sind verantwortlich für die proaktive Analyse und Erarbeitung von System- und...

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Als Projektleiter (m/w) berätst und unterstützt du unsere Kunden bei der Umsetzung anspruchsvoller Softwareprojekte. Du analysierst funktionale und technische Anforderungen und erarbeitest Projektpläne. Zudem koordinierst du...

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Als Teil unseres dynamischen Datenbank-Entwicklerteams sind Sie zuständig für die fachliche und physikalische Datenmodellierung. Sie sind mitverantwortlich in welchen Strukturen und Formaten die Daten abgelegt und miteinander verknüpft...

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